Professional retriever training with affordable pricing.

Obedience Only Program – Our 6 week Obedience Only program costs $2,400. Clients can pay two payments of $1200. More info on our Obedience Training page. Click here.

All Hunting Programs – $950 or $1,050 per month. This depends on breed and age and is explained below.

The cost of each of our hunting programs is either $950 per month or $1,050 per month. Black, yellow and chocolate labs under 1 year old are charged the $950 per month rate. Younger dogs are easier to train. Dogs that are over 1 year old or something other than a black, yellow or chocolate labradors have a cost of $1050 per month. Monthly payments are due every 4 weeks (every 28 days) and this is paid at the beginning of each monthly training block.


Obedience Only Program – 6 Weeks

**All hunting programs already include the obedience program. If you are doing a hunting program, it has the Obedience Program built into it.**

Basic Hunter Program – 16-20 weeks (4 to 5 months) 90% of well bred labs will finish in 4 months.

Senior Hunter Program – an additional 16-24 weeks (4 to 6 months)

Mast Hunter Program – an additional 24-48 weeks (6 to 12 months)

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