Basic Hunter

**The Basic Hunter program is our most popular program.** This is a dual purpose program designed to create a well behaved family companion and occasional hunting dog.

Basic Hunter

All Hunting Programs – $950 or $1,050 per month. This depends on breed and age and is explained below.

The cost of each of our hunting programs is either $950 per month or $1,050 per month. Black, yellow and chocolate labs under 1 year old are charged the $950 per month rate. Younger dogs are easier to train. Dogs that are over 1 year old or something other than a black, yellow or chocolate labradors have a cost of $1,050 per month. Monthly payments are due every 4 weeks (every 28 days) and this is paid at the beginning of each monthly training block. FOR MORE PRICING INFO CLICK HERE

*Field Trial clients are billed differently. They are making long term training commitments and their bill dates will be on a set day of the month.

TIME FRAME: Basic Hunter Program – 16-20 weeks (4 to 5 months) 90% of well bred labs will finish in 4 months.

How does it work?

**Basic Hunter Program

Cost is $950 a month. (See exceptions below)

Your pup will board with us during training.

During the Head Start program pups can go home each weekend.

During the Basic Hunter each month you’ll receive a private 1/1 training lesson and the dog gets to go home for the weekend to practice the training at home.

More complete details below:

We have a 4 to 5 month Basic Hunter program that will prepare your pup for dove and duck hunting. It includes private 1on1 training sessions with you, your dog and a trainer. These happen every 4 weeks. During these sessions we show you your pups progress and teach you how to communicate with your pup. **The pup will get to GO HOME for a 2-3 day stay each month.** During this trip home you will practice the training routine we showed you and then give us a report when you drop the pup back off.

The cost of this training program is paid in payments of $950, due at the beginning of each 4 week training block. Dogs over 1 year old or something other than a black, yellow or chocolate labrador has a cost of $1,050 per month for the basic hunter. You supply whatever food you want your dog to eat. We do not require your dog to switch to our food. We can provide our food for $50 a month.

The earliest we can start the Basic Hunter program is 6 months of age. Dogs under 6 months of age can come in for our Head Start program. Head Start is only open to dogs staying in for our Basic Hunter program. The Head Start is an early introduction to hunting concepts. Drive building, bird introduction, cap gun fire, socialization with other pups, field walks, early water introduction and good manners work (like don’t jump on people). The cost is the same, $950 per month (4 weeks).

Reservations are reserved with a non-refundable deposit of $250. This will be applied to the first month’s training fees.

Payments are accepted as:
– Check
– Cash
– Credit/Debit cards (with 3% fee)
– Venmo – use @Wade-Cashion

The 1st training payment is due upon arrival and will be due every 4 weeks. We accept all forms of payment. Venmo, Cash or check are preferred. Credit and Debit cards accepted with a 3% processing fee.

A description of our training programs can be found at:

If you would like to come out and meet our team, see our facility and watch us train, you are welcome to come out. Let us know when, so that we can schedule the appointment.

We post pictures of our clients’ dogs on Facebook. There are also over 60 reviews posted there.

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We look forward to helping you accomplish all your training goals!

Below is a helpful guide on what your puppy should start doing around 10-12 weeks old:

– Swimming in water over her back.
– Feather introduction with a frozen bird (dove & duck) or wings strapped to a bumper, one or two sessions weekly.
– Building drive with a bumper.

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Hours of Operation:

Mon-Friday for all Training Appointments and New Client Arrivals. By appointment only.

Sat & Sunday, 7am to 12 noon – **Only for dropping back off from trips home or for boarding clients. No training appointments on the weekends.

Call, text or email any time. Our cell phone number is 903-271-3647

Wade Cashion is the Owner and Head Trainer, and has been training professionally for 20 years.

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