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We have a 98% completion rate!! Most dogs can do the work if they have the right training. Our various programs are listed below the video.

Here is a video of Rosco! This is an example of our training.

Retriever Training Programs

Basic Hunter Training Program (this includes the obedience training program)

**MOST POPULAR PROGRAM** The Basic Hunter program is designed for the dual purpose dog, a loved family companion and hunting buddy. This program includes the formal obedience training described below along with field work.This includes gun breaking, intro to water, live bird work, drive building, force fetch, steady to shot and collar conditioning. Your dog will be doing single retrieves on land and water, under live 12 gauge fire, retrieving live and dead birds. At the end of the program your pup is ready to sit in a duck blind or be with you in the dove field. The Basic Hunter program is a 4 to 5 month program. **FOR PRICING CLICK HERE**

Obedience Training Programs

Our 6 week obedience program will transform your dogs behavior. We customize each program to fit the needs of you and your dog.  It is key for owners to come out and train with their dogs. With this program we provide private training sessions with you, your dog and a trainer. Working with you to perfect your dog handling skills is key to success for you and your dog.

Head Start

(Puppy Training)

There are multiple training programs to choose from. Many start with the Head Start training program, open to all puppies 4 to 5 months of age.  Puppies can learn a lot from watching the older dogs work.  Walks in the field, gun fire, intro to water, intro to feathers, physical conditioning, single retrieves on land and water, and a positive introduction the obedience commands are all part of the program.  This time is used to introduce the puppy to the hunting concepts and environment. We have found that the head start program builds confidence into young puppies, and produces a better final product. The Head Start program is only offered to clients who will continue their dog’s training through the Basic Hunter program.

Senior Hunter


Many owners want to take their dogs past the Basic Hunter retriever training program. The next step is our Senior Hunter retriever training program. This program includes doubles on land and water, running the double T, wagon wheel casting, de-cheating, honoring, walk up birds, and blind retrieves to 100 yards and beyond. This program takes an additional 4 to 5 months of training.

Master Hunter


Owners wanting to go beyond the Senior Hunter training program enter our Master Hunter training program. This is where dogs learn how to do complex blind retrieves, triples, diversion birds, advanced marking concepts, and much more. Some dogs aren’t capable of this level of training.

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All dogs coming to the kennel must be current on all vaccines  (bordetella is every 6 months), heart-worm prevention, and flea and tick control prior to arriving at the kennel. You must provide a copy of your dog’s vaccine records.

We are an industry leader in Texas for retriever training programs. Let us go to work for you!

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