House Breaking Your New Puppy

Congratulations on the new pup!

Now the fun (and work) begins!

No one wants a dog that thinks the house is the bathroom.  The good news is that with a little bit of training and a good routine, you may never have an accident in the house. A lot of my clients tell me that when they put into practice our training methods they have only one or two accidents in their house, and some report never having an accident.

The first step is to understand the genetic wiring of your pup. Our domestic house dogs have ancestors that lived in the wild. Many of your dogs natural instincts are still present in your domestic house dog.  One of these core instincts is to live in a den.  A “den” is small tight space that is found in nature, chosen by the dog in an area that he believes is secure.  The key thing about a den is that it has only one opening. This makes it easy for him to defend himself from dangers.  As another dog or threat of some kind would stick its head inside the den to attack, the dog would be able to easily bite the attacker and protect himself. So, due to thousands of years of genetic wiring, dog feel safe and secure when they are “crate trained”. Why? The crate resembles a dog den. It’s a small tight secure space with a single opening.  Dogs feel comforted and protected when they have a crate to call home.

Below is an article from the American Kennel Club describing the crate training method as a first step to house breaking or potty training your puppy.

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