Professional retriever training with affordable pricing.

Obedience Only Program – Our 6 week Obedience Only program costs $2,400. Clients can pay two payments of $1200. More info on our Obedience Training page. Click here.

All Hunting Programs – $950 or $1,200 per month. This depends on breed and age and is explained below.

Training fees are paid in payments of $950, due at the beginning of each 4 week training block. **Labs over 1 year old are charged $100 more per month. Dogs that are something other than a black, yellow or chocolate Labrador are charged $1200 per month for the Basic Hunter program. You supply whatever food you want your dog to eat. We do not require your dog to switch to our food. We can provide our food for $50 a month.

Monthly payments are due every 4 weeks (every 28 days) and this is paid at the beginning of each training block.


Obedience Only Program – 6 Weeks

**All hunting programs already include the obedience program. If you are doing a hunting program, it has the Obedience Program built into it.**

Basic Hunter Program – 16-20 weeks (4 to 5 months) 90% of well bred labs will finish in 4 months. **Pointers and various types of Doodles usually take 6 months to complete the entry level Basic Hunter program. Expect 6 months if you have a pointer or doodle.

Senior Hunter Program – an additional 16-24 weeks (4 to 6 months)

Mast Hunter Program – an additional 24-48 weeks (6 to 12 months)

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