Started Dogs




Started Dogs



Started dogs are dogs that have had professional training. Started dogs will vary in degree of skill based upon their natural abilities and how much time they have spent in a training program. Buyer Beware! **Some trainers are selling dogs as “started” and they have had NO formal training**

Our typical started dog has completed on leash and off leash obedience training. They have been collar conditioned and have completed force fetch. Most of our started dogs have completed our Basic Hunter program and are ready to be dual purpose family companions and hunting dogs. Dogs completing our Basic Hunter program are steady to shot with live 12ga fire, running single retrieves on land and water, have had work swimming in and out of decoys and are ready to be entry level hunting dogs. They have been worked on live and dead birds, ducks and pigeons and will deliver all birds to hand. They have worked form a dove bucket and have be ran from duck blinds in numerous training scenarios.

Finished Dog
Finished dogs should be able to run blind retrieves, retrieve doubles or triples, honor another working dog, sit on a single whistle blast and take hand signals out to 100 yards or more. A finished dog is a complete hunting dog, having all the tools necessary to pick up every bird on the water or in the field.


*Availability very limited*

Call or text our office, 903-271-3647, to see if we have anything available. or email [email protected] to check availability.


**See below for previously offered and sold started dogs.**

New dogs become available at all different times during the year. Please check with our office to see if anything is currently available.


Rowdy – SOLD

$6,500 – Black female, 15 months old. Great with kids. Completed our Basic Hunter program and starting the senior program.


Tyson – SOLD

$7,500 – 14 month old black lab male, completed our Basic Hunter program and is starting the Senior program now.  Sire is FC AFC Ali.  He is yellow factored.


Fire – SOLD

$6,500 – 1 year old black female, has completed our Basic Hunter program. Ready to hunt.


Dream – SOLD

$15,000 – 2.5 year old black female. Qual 4th, derby JAM.  Sire is 2011 NAFC Grady.  Completely finished dog. Calm in the house and great with kids.

Randt – SOLD

$12,000 – 3 year old black male, finished level. Qual 3rd. Total machine. Perfect for hunting guide or avid hunter.

Remmy – SOLD

$7,500 – 25 month old yellow female – running doubles and blinds (whistles and hand signals).

Axis – SOLD

$6,500 – 20 month old Chocolate male – running doubles and blinds (whistles and hand signals).

Chloe – SOLD

2 year old female, spayed, crate trained, lots of drive, finished with force fetch now, has been on live birds and doing singles out to 100 yards.

Travis & Bowie – BOTH SOLD

Both pups are black male pups, 7.5 months old, finished with obedience work and gun conditioning. Exposed to gun fire and have been on live birds. They both are doing 100 yard retrieves now.

Mojo – SOLD

11 months old yellow lab male – finishing up obedience, collar conditioning, force fetch, and doing singles out to 60 yards by then end of September. Needs 2 more months of training.

Willow – SOLD

10 months old yellow lab female – has completed obedience training – doing simple marks out to 50 yards, has been on pigeons and quail, good with guns.

Goldie – SOLD

8 months old yellow lab female – in obedience training now – doing simple marks out to 50 yards, has been on pigeons and quail, good with guns.

Coy – SOLD

17 month old black lab male – Out of a MNH5 X MNH breeding – running senior level setups, Will be ready for Senior & Master by fall if he stays in training.  


**We have dog training programs for your pup! If you buy a pup from someone else, you can still bring it to us for training. See our “Training Programs” link for more info.